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Tista Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

tista express train schedule

Tista Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price are given here according to Bangladesh Railway latest update. Lets learn the correct information from here. Its important to know the correct schedule of train before making a travel plan.

Tista Express Train Schedule

Dhaka to Dewanganj- Tista Express 707 Train Schedule

Station NameDeparture
Dhaka07:30 am
Bimanbandar07:53 am
Joydebpur Jn08:19 am
Gafargaon09:15 am
Mymensingh Jn10:00 am
Piyarpur10:35 am
Jamalpur Jn11:10 am
Melanondo Bajar11:30 am
Islampur11:48 am
Dewanganj12:30 pm
Dhaka to Dewanganji- Tista Express 707 Train Schedule

Tista Express Train Schedule

Dewanganj to Dhaka – Tista Express 708 Train Schedule

Station NameDeparture
Dewanganj03:00 pm
Islampur03:13 pm
Melanondo Bajar03:11 pm
Jamalpur03:51 pm
Piyarpur04:26 pm
Mymensingh05:03 pm
Gafargaon05:50 pm
Biman Bandar07:43 pm
Dhaka08:25 pm
Dewanganj to Dhaka- Tista Express 708Train Schedule

There are8(Dhaka to Dewanganj) & 7(Dewanganj to Dhaka) station stopages of Tista Express Train . It takes around 5hr to travel from Dhaka to Dewanganj and Dewanganj to Dhaka via Tista Express Train . This train’s ticket prices according to different categories are given bellow.

Tista Express Train Ticket Price

The ticket price of Tista Express is not very costly. You can buy it very quickly. There are four kinds of seat category in Tista Express. Seat prices based on their quality. If you want to good quality seat, you must pay more. You can buy the ticket to go to the station and also obtain a ticket online. Online ticket Booking system saves your time.

CategoryTicket Price Tk (15% vat)
Shuvon Chair125
1st Class Seat185
Tista Express Train Ticket Price

Monday is the off day of Tista Experss Train from Dhaka to Dewanganj & Dewanganj to Dhaka.

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